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100% Cotton Fabric

Greige/grey 100% cotton fabric by Mohit Textile Mills is mainly used for garments and upholstery. Not dyed or bleached even once, this unfinished fabric is inspected to confirm whether or not it meets the specific standards. In the visual inspection, the personnel try to find our the possible fabric imperfections, for instance stains, defects and yarn knots. In the next process, all imperfection marked in previous stage are removed, followed by repair work on all imperfections. The repairing work is tricky, as personnel have to make sure that repair or holes are not visible. There could be human errors in the process of inspecting greige/grey 100% cotton fabric, therefore an apparatus can be used if the issues are severe. This fabric can be divided into Plain, Twill, Drill, Oxford Duck, Satin and Dobby, according to the weave designs. The range also includes greige/grey cotton polyester blend fabrics, like Ribstop and Matty.
Mohit Textile Mills, a 2007 established and Kolhapur based company produces dyed 100% cotton fabric in plain, twill, drill, oxford/duck, satin, dobby, ribstop and matty weaves. The range of cotton fabrics are available in different shades, textures and finishes. This is a high strength and durable fabric range that is made in a number of colors. This fabrics remain soft as far as it is washed and tumble dried. The fabric are comfortable and breathable, which make them ideal for making shirts, uniforms, trousers, bags, jackets, dresses, and home décor furnishings.
Fabric printing is a widely practiced technique in the textile industry. There are several methods in which a fabric can be printed. Printing is carried out to create beautiful designs on the textile that last over time. Our company, Mohit Textile Mills has come up with plain, twill, drill, dobby, satin, oxford/duck matty and ribstop 100% cotton fabric in different prints that can be used in many ways for applications of choice. The fabric batch is washed before printing in order to eliminate finishing chemicals or any agents added to fabric during manufacturing process. Washing is a necessary step to improve the ability of dye to work well. The dyes on the printed 100% cotton fabric stays for long, as these penetrate into fibers of the fabric.
RFD 100% cotton fabric, as the very name implies is a 100% cotton fabric with RFD finishing. Textile industry is the largest consumer of this fabric.  Ready For Dyeing (RFD)  cotton fabric comes in white color. White color garments can be made from it, which can be further dyed or printed. This type of fabric undergoes several processes, for instance bleaching, scouring and equalizing. When it comes to the cost of this fabric in comparison to greige, its cost is higher. Customers are free to select the fabric based on the type of weave, such as plain, twill, ripstop, dobby, satin, drill, etc. Interested customers can contact us to know more about these fabrics, like weight, count, construction, fabric width, and finish.